Become a professor

Use your key to the missing piece to fulfill all of our lives now.

Apply as an instructor

Use your time to improve someone’s life by giving a confirmation of their true passion. Share your talents with people that need enlightenment in a given area. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing people change from old self to a refueled, smiling individual finding purpose in what he/she does.

How To Become A Professor

Use your key to the missing piece to fulfill all of our lives now.

You are a professor and bring your latest research and enlighten clients about their life mission and purpose.

Unique talents, spiritual leader, rebel scientists, we are looking for you! Please email if you want to become a professor. It’s one of the most exciting things on earth to teach people that want to learn from you and work among people that understand what you do and appreciate what you give to society.
There’s no boundary to your teaching, but it has to come from the highest good of your heart. It has to benefit the students, respecting them and uplifting their morals, values and contributions to society and the greater good of all. Create a positive, empowering environment.
Start with your favorite subject. It’s always a good opening, because it grabs people with your own true passion. You can display your experiment, research and leave open-ended questions. We’d love to hear about wherever you are in your research on a particular pioneering subject.