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Upcoming Education Events to feed your brain

Free spiritual channeling for people in need
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Los Angeles, CA

Connecting with your passed loved ones and spirit guides for guidance and insights into your life and future

What does Quantum Physics tell us about the world we live in?
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Los Angeles, CA

Face-to-face meeting at downtown LA to discuss about the basics of understanding everything around us.

What REAL People Say About LAIL


Thomas Lee

Law firm partner

“This is exactly what I (teenage) son needs. He doesn’t have interest in anything! Thank you for this school to show them alternative choices and an equally rewarding path!”


Anna Jovanovic


“Words can’t express how much I appreciate it. You are so accurate on everything about my life, and I was crying and laughing at the same time while discussing with you about my life challenges and choices. You helped me see the silver linings of everything I have created for myself, including “right” and “wrong” choices and there’s no “wrong” choices really. I feel so released now; I can forgive myself and look at life differently. I really thank you for this opportunity to recreate life from a different perspective. I’m so grateful for your knowledge and guidance.”


Cathy Weiler

Math teacher

“We need this! We pigeonhole all the students into one path and it’s just not working any more. My granddaughter is a teacher and many students don’t even get to see what their real passion is, and they’re just stuck doing whatever they don’t like. Your institute shows many other doors and it is amazing!”


Marius Telseth

College student/entrepreneur

“Honestly I needed to hear exactly what you told me. I was weighing between going to school and starting my own business, and you helped me find my true passion. I think I sort of knew what it is but I was just scared what other people may say. I think God just answered my prayer. Thank you so much for providing counseling to me.”

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